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The roulette is one of the favorite games of the casino players and beginners prefer to play this game because it doesn’t involve any complicated strategies like Poker. This exciting game can let you win within a few seconds and that’s why you should try out playing this game. The roulette table might be a mystery for several players. If this is the same with you, then you can know more about the Roulette before betting your money on this game at roulette malaysia

Know the basics of the roulette wheel

As you know that the wheel is the major component of the Roulette table and there are many pockets in it. When you will play games at an online casino, you will find that the roulette wheel is almost similar to the offline casinos. There is no difference in the roulette wheel but the payout of online casinos is higher than offline ones. In the European roulette, you will find 37 pockets with numbers from 0 to 36. In the American roulette wheel, you will find 38 pockets with one extra double zero pockets. In French roulette, you will find 37 pockets. There are red & black pockets one after another. 

Will your bet be based upon a wheel layout?

This is a question which arises in the mind of several gamblers. In American roulette, there are no bets related to wheel layout but in European roulette, you will find some new things. In the Zero game, you will have to bet on numbers like 3, 12, 35, 0, 15, and 32. In the thirds of the roulette wheel, the gamblers need to choose between 13, 27, 11, 36, 10, 23, 24, 33, and 16. 

Sometimes, you might be asked to choose neighbors of zero like 18, 22, 26, 31, 15, 21, and a lot more. In the Orphans bet, you will have to choose the numbers like 20, 17, 6, 34, 14, 1, and 9. What about the structure of numbers? Will the outcomes be random? Yes! The outcomes of the roulette wheel are random and there won’t be any fraud in online casinos. The spinning will bring some results. 

Roulette Online Guides and Strategies for Filipino Players

Roulette table layout 

In the case of the table game, the layout is the same in both American and European roulette. The outside bets are made from the betting table’s outside area. In the inside bets, you will choose between the number which is inside of the table. In case of final bet, you will find a single-zero wheel and you will variety of final bets. 

You can make any bet which you find interesting because the game is based on luck. Now that you are aware of the roulette wheels, you can play this game because it has simple rules. You just need to choose a number and if the ball stops on that number at wheel, then you will win the money. You can select a reputed best casino place online so that you will be able to enjoy the game to the fullest. You should look for higher payouts when choosing an online roulette game. 


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